Outdoor Displays

Make Your Live Event Memorable

The success of outdoor events is greatly enhanced by LED Video Walls because as you might guess, everyone can see the performance or presentation no matter how far away they are seated.

Why Have a Video Wall at Your Event

Many outdoor events today almost require a LED Video Wall to meet customer expectations, from intimate venues serving several hundred to large crowds that serve thousands. You spend so much time considering all aspects needed to provide the optimum customer experience, now LED Video Walls are expected to be part of the show.

As with sound, you can have a single video wall as a stage backdrop, or a variety of video walls positioned throughout the space. Enhance your customer experience, making sure they were impacted by the visual presentation of the event. Glass City has set up 100’s of different video wall setups from street fairs, to outdoor graduations, to speedways. We know how to handle your event, large or small.

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Bringing Your Outdoor Event to Life

Our displays are as unique as your event.  We can customize the size, look, and display to what you envision for your event.  If it’s a last-minute event or a last-minute addition, our turnaround time is fast.  We don’t need weeks or even days to set up for your event.  Most projects can be set up and ready to go quickly.

Our displays are perfect for:  


Movie Nights





County Fairs

Sporting Events

Faith-Based Events

Business Events

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