Screen Selection

Choosing the Right LED Screen

LED video panel technology can give your audience a high-definition view of your event. In order to recommend the perfect size for your event, we need to know the viewing distance and angle of your audience. Here are a few questions that will help us determine this:

  • How far will your audience be from the video wall?
  • Will the audience be eye-level with the display?
  • Or will they be sitting much lower than the screen?

The perfect type of LED panel for your event is dependent on your viewing distance.  Most events are very successful using standard LED video panels designed for applications of 13 feet or 26 feet away. Once we know how far away the audience or viewer will be, then we can determine the right LED panel you should use.

LED Video Signs

Would you like to have a wow factor when someone enters your office or conference room? Need some unique, programmable signage to direct visitors to the right location in your facility?

Glass City Video Wall can help with smaller, unique, and custom LED signage for your office. We can customize a solution to fit your needs. We love working with your building engineers or construction crew to make sure your ideas are translated into a reality.

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